December 2022

Since becoming a father, my camera lens has been pointed predominantly at a single subject (obviously being cooped up at home for the last couple years hasn’t helped either). But since re-emerging into the world and with the autumn light being so beautiful, I’ve been inspired to take the camera out again (and also look back at photos I’ve taken over the last couple years)

Heres to 2023 being a more fruitful year photographically.

19 November 2016

A couple of older shots from as far back as 2 years on a roll that was left in the fridge for too long and some newer digital shots. Hope you enjoy!



cnv00143Hipster bar or pub? There is a small clue.

cnv00139cnv00137cnv00134Big deal going down here.

cnv00130l1009957-editSome of today’s media is as good as garbage.

l1008045Cricket at Lord’s – makes me miss the summer.


l1005519-editl1005886l1005892-editStrange scene. Im was not sure if they were dancing or doing something more artistic and deep.

l1006012-editl1006060-editl1006201-editl1006289-editA pint at lunch. The man deserves it.

l1006358-editIts not raining, so lets celebrate with a pint.

l1006337-editAlthough its not an aesthetically pleasing shot, it is exactly why I love street photography.Being able to instinctively capture a moment

l1006749l1006761-editl1008007l1008021No umbrella in London. Schoolgirl error.

l1008284-editl1008392l1008412-editl1008615l1009116-editGirls’ night out.

l1009093-editl1008635-editl1008664-editl1008712-editThe light here at around 10am is amazing. The light reflects off the glass of the Heron Tower creating beautiful back lighting. I spent everyday for a week waiting for something interesting to happen here and nothing did so I gave up.

l1008749-editl1008903-editl1008919-editHolborn Station. I would hate to work around this area. Imagine the daily commute home?

l1008931-editl1009085-editSelfie Nation

l1009336-editl1009309l1009239l1009301-editl1009366-editl1009462-editBig Brother is watching.


12 November 2016

As I’ve been shooting quite a bit lately, I find it hard to select a single shot to post for the day, so I’ve decided to post a stream of photos. This post is from the last couple of days. Although the quality control is probably less intense this way, I hope it gives a better feel for what I find interesting and what instinctively makes me push the shutter. I have tried to comment on a couple of the shots to give some background.

l1009943-editThe best part about winter is the light.

l1009933-editl1009931-editThe issue with shooting on aperture priority. I still kinda like it

l1009919-editIve always wanted to take a photo like this, problem is that it never comes out as well as I visualise it to be.

l1009907-editNever surprised with anything in London. Music Video, I’m guessing

l1009898-editAdam Ben Ezra – Genius. Check him out

l1009854-editThis small old Irish lady walked past me and asked me to pray for her to win the lottery.

l1009849-editl1009826-editPassionate about the newsl1009815-editl1009812-editl1009804-editLook outside!

l1009796-editl1009785-editBarbican Brutalist architechture.l1009779-editl1009754-editl1009745-editl1009744-editl1009736-editNot sure what this guy was doing

l1009700-editl1009685-editl1009680-editl1009638-editl1009635-editl1009627-editNot very clever being on your phone on your bike

l1008200l1008180-editl1008150-editl1008143l1008140l1008137l1008129-editOur society in a box. Consumer on the phone

l1008123l1008118l1008112Selfie Nation

l1009307-editl1009572-editl1009605-editl1009604-editSelfie Nation #2

l1009601-editSoho – Marvellous!l1009582-editWarning – Political statement to follow. Its going to be very interesting after Brexit to see who will work in the services industry. According to my (not very accurate) assumption, more than 80% of people who work as waiters, barmen, etc are not English. Good luck filling those positions.